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The best way to learn how Auxilium might help you make dramatic improvements to your NPD way-of-working is to set up a no-obligation 45-minute discussion. We can quickly: 

  • Provide an overview of current best practices including a MAHD overview
  • Discuss your situation and challenges
  • Determine how Auxilium might help and plan appropriate follow-up.

Using Agile Principles to Get Funding for Your Big Ideas

How you sell an innovative idea is as important as the idea itself. By using Agile principles, you can dramatically increase your chances of not only getting rapid support for your ideas, but evolving the idea into a profitable opportunity.

To get your ideas heard and funded in complex corporate environments, you need to become a Savvy Corporate Innovator. Learn how to:

  • Systematically transform ideas into real business opportunities
  • Powerfully communicate ideas in a way that executives need to hear
  • Find and present the exact business information executives expect during a funding request
  • Prepare yourself for the ultimate funding presentation – the executive inquisition
  • Build your career and brand as a respected innovator

Cost of Delay Briefing

One of the key outcomes most companies seek when improving their NPD processes is better control of schedules. This is for good reason since delays limit profit and ROI.  And one of the reasons Auxilium focuses on Agile principles is that implementing iterative methods is one of the best ways to effectively manage the triad of tradeoffs –⁠ cost, schedule and scope – ⁠to consistently hit your targets.

Learn more about the business impact of project delays and missed schedules: 

  • The impact of project delays on sales and profit
  • How to estimate the cost of delay
  • Making portfolio decisions based on cost of delay as a key criteria

Could Agile Have Saved These Products

In this slideshow we take a look at ten famous product lessons in history and ask the simple question, “Could Agile have saved these product disasters?”

  • They are well known failures that have captured the attention of everyone from the media to The Simpsons.
  • Each product has a major physical component.
  • We avoided most of the .com and software company failures, as well as food failures (except New Coke, which had to be addressed).

What is your favorite product failure? Could Agile methods have helped to save it?

With So Many Choices, Why Auxilium?

Five Reasons...

Practical, Proven Tools and Methods

Every method and tool we provide, with either a training or consulting program, has been proven in real-world projects.

Live, Experienced Consultants

You'll work directly with senior consultants who have over 20 years of R&D experience. No inexperienced trainers or fresh MBA's.

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As a virtual team with low overhead, you'll get the experience of a tier one consultancy group at a fraction of typical fees.

Concise, Comprehensive Programs

We focus every training or consulting program on the essential skills and implementation to get immediate results.

A Passion for Results

We understand the risk and expense of getting outside help. Our goal is to ensure you get the results you need.

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