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Agile for Hardware:
The MAHD Framework

How to get started with MAHD

Agile Methods for Physical Products

Software teams have found that Agile methods have many advantages over traditional waterfall and sequential processes, but the tactics of applying Agile to hardware are not obvious. Auxilium’s consultants developed the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework so that hardware teams can benefit from Agile as software teams have discovered. MAHD is a flexible, scalable framework, ideal for projects ranging from small cross-functional teams; to complex systems involving mechanical, electronics, software and other disciplines; to managing a complete NPD portfolio. 

Advantages of Agile for Hardware Include:

  • Ensures focus on the product attributes most critical for market success
  • Efficient management of changes (priorities, new discoveries, requirements, resources, etc.) 
  • Continuous prioritization of the most valuable work items with better predictability for completion
  • Rapid project start, from concept to development within days or weeks
  • Facilitates strong collaboration across cross-functional teams
  • Rapid cycles enable intelligent scope, resource and schedule tradeoffs early in development
  • Transparency of plans, progress, risks and bottlenecks

In developing the MAHD Framework to make it practical for hardware teams, Auxilium worked with a wide range of leading companies and incorporated their feedback. Contact us to learn more about how to make MAHD work for your organization.

Enabling agility is a key component for making process improvements. This enhances your culture, makes it easier to drive strategic initiatives and even creates opportunities to develop leaders. 

How we Help with MAHD Implementation

Depending on your implementation goals and timeline, our support approach ranges from basic training and light support for start-ups and small teams to assisting with Agile transformations across a large enterprise. Most organizations that attempt a new way-of-working initiative on their own experience slow progress, frustration and results that fall short of their goals because they do not have internal change management expertise nor the capacity to lead new methodology implementation. Our typical support program is designed to ensure success with MAHD on one or more pilot projects using a 5-Iteration approach scaled to meet your goals. A typical support program has these iteration elements: 

  1. Assess & Plan – Understanding your current way-of-working, goals and challenges resulting in a roadmap for your change management success 
  2. Learn & Practice – A series of 2-hour online sessions using a learn-by-doing approach
  3. Real Project – Coaching team leaders toward pilot implementation success
  4. Refine & Improve – Facilitated retrospectives and guidance for ongoing refinement
  5. Expand & Institute – Planning for additional pilots, full rollout, and MAHD certifications

Implementation Goals to Consider:

  • Develop a common Agile language for hardware and software development
  • Measurable progress using established metrics
  • Refine roles and utilization of tools
  • Certify MAHD leaders
  • Document new way-of-working
  • Ongoing MAHD training program

Scalable 5-Iteration MAHD Support Approach

The fastest way to learn more is to contact us for a brief overview of MAHD methods and examples of companies seeing their benefits.

Overview of the MAHD Framework

Modified Agile for Hardware Framework (MAHD)

The MAHD Framework can be scaled from simple projects to complex systems and whole portfolios. To learn more about the Complete MAHD Framework, visit the MAHD Framework site. Auxilium is the exclusive service provider for MAHD implementation.

What's Different About MAHD?

While Agile principles are at the core of the MAHD Framework, the tactics must be modified to work for the unique, and often more constrained characteristics of hardware development. The MAHD Framework considers the needs of physical products to:

  • Define electrical and mechanical attributes
  • Allow flexibility to change, but also freeze designs
  • Plan flexible prototyping and validation strategies
  • Manage lead times and critical dependencies
  • Leverage shared resources and external partners
  • Develop documentation, build quality plans and manage supply chains

Request a Complimentary MAHD Overview

We offer no obligation 45-minute discussions to quickly determine if MAHD is right for you:

  • Discussion of your situation and goals
  • MAHD Framework and support approach overview
  • The best approach to trial MAHD
  • Managing your organization’s transition
  • Planning for next steps

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