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Practical Product Development


The Most Concise and Practical Program Available to Learn Critical Skills in Product Development

Program Introduction

If you’d like to advance your Product Development career, whether you’re in engineering, advanced research, project management, testing or other related function, you’ll benefit from new skills. But as a professional, you’re already busy, so who has time to build new skills? 

We understand. Auxilium founders have a deep background in product development at all levels and understand the needs of working professionals. You need targeted, practical skills you can apply right away that require minimum learning time, but maximum effectiveness. This is why we developed Auxilium’s Practical Product Development Leadership Program. We provide key leadership skills in four critical areas of product development to deliver the most concise, but powerful learning program available.  Learn more about how it’s structured below.

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Build Depth to Your Skills

If you’d like to go deep into a specific skills pillar, such as product management or engineering leadership, this is the option for you. With a series of four, 4-hour live courses you’ll build new skills and have the toolkit necessary for success.

Build Breadth to Your Skills

Some customers like to gain a good understanding of each pillar in order to become informed of key functional skill areas as they begin their learning journey.  This is also a great option for those who want to just be more effective collaborating with other functions. You can always continue your journey later in one discipline or go on to complete the full program.

Become a Master of Product Development

To gain a comprehensive product development skill set, we recommend taking the complete Practical Product Development Program. In only 64 hours of live, online instruction, you’ll have a complete suite of skills and tools to tackle nearly any product development challenge. You’ll also have unlimited (with reason) access to Auxilium’s team and life-long updates as we develop new tools and programs.

Custom Options

We are delighted to provide any or all elements of the Practical Product Development Program directly to your company via live, online classes or directly onsite. These can be conducted in short or extended periods of time depending on your needs. We include case studies and exercises based on your specific industry, types of products and development challenges.

What Are You Waiting For?

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With So Many Choices, Why Auxilium?

Five Reasons...

Practical, Proven Tools and Methods

Every method and tool we provide, with either a training or consulting program, has been proven in real-world projects.

Live, Experienced Consultants

You'll work directly with senior consultants who have over 20 years of PD experience. No inexperienced trainers or fresh MBA's.

Cost Effective

As a virtual team with low overhead, you'll get the experience of a tier one consultancy group at a fraction of typical fees.

Concise, Comprehensive Programs

We focus every training or consulting program on the essential skills and implementation to get immediate results.

A Passion for Results

We understand the risk and expense of getting outside help. Our goal is to ensure you get the results you need.

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