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MAHD Roles: Skills for Leading Successful Agile Projects

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MAHD Roles: Skills for Leading Successful Agile Projects

Agile for Hardware Roles workshop banner


This program goes deep into the responsibilities for three key roles of the MAHD Framework: the Project Manager, the Product Manager and the Technical Leader. These MAHD roles combine characteristics found in agile for software roles such as “Scrum Master” and “Product Owner,” and traditional roles for hardware projects using waterfall/sequential methods. You’ll learn how to become adept with a range of tools and techniques to guide agile projects successfully. We bring these roles together in one program since they must work collaboratively to provide strategic and tactical leadership.

Key questions we will answer:

  • How does the traditional role of Project Manager need to change?
  • What is the role of Product Manager vs. Product Owner?
  • What are the new responsibilities of technical leads?
  • Is the Scrum Master role needed?
  • How does the team work collaboratively with software developers in a unified way-of-working?
  • How can you lead iteration and sprint planning to be quick and efficient?
  • Who should make day-to-day decisions on “what’s good enough,” and how?
  • How can you build the right culture for success?

What You Will Learn

For each major element of a MAHD project you’ll build the skills and learn the techniques from both the strategic and execution perspectives to deliver successful products.

  • Roles Overview – Each MAHD role, their responsibilities and skills required for success
  • Leading Project Kickoffs – Skills and techniques to facilitate MAHD On-ramp activities
  • Leading Iteration Planning – Skills and techniques to guide the whole project vision
  • Driving Successful IPAC Iterations and Sprints:
    • Efficient prioritizing, estimating and task planning
    • Guiding the right prototype strategy
    • Techniques to engage customers at the right time
    • Holding successful stakeholder review sessions
    • Leading Iteration and Sprint-level retrospectives
  • Leadership Skills to Drive Agile Projects
    • Building the right team culture to meet commitments and stay on track
    • Coaching team members for success
    • Overcoming challenges and obstacles
    • Getting executives on-board with agile
  • Facilitating decisions, alignment and project communication
  • Q&A – The program is hands-on and interactive, facilitating dialogue to address questions and concerns throughout

What’s Included

Program Materials and Agile for Hardware Toolkit – Each participant receives complete program materials including a Modified Agile for Hardware Development toolkit with templates, tools and tips.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for product development leaders who want to get the benefits of agile:

  • Project and Program Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Technical Leads & Architects
  • R&D Managers supporting the key roles
  • Scrum Masters and agile coaches currently supporting agile for hardware teams


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Registration Options

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Program Leaders

Gary Hinkle

Principal Management Consultant

Agile Methods for Hardware Development
Engineering Leadership & Management
Organizational Productivity

Dorian Simpson

Management Consultant

Agile Methods for Hardware Development
Innovation Management
Product Management
Product Definition and Roadmaps

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This program can be offered online or at your company site and can be customized for your needs. Duration ranges from 4 to 8 hours depending on implementation needs. Contact us to schedule or discuss your situation.

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