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Managing Innovation Project Pipelines


Managing Innovation Project Pipelines


This live, interactive innovation course prepares you to lead any innovation effort at your company. You’ll build new skills in portfolio management, forecasting the market potential of new products or entering new markets, and calculating the ROI of your innovation efforts. While not absolutely necessary, we highly recommend you complete the Product Management Excellence Course, P&L and Finance Skills for Technical Leaders, before taking this course since we do assume you have a basic understanding of key financial terms.

Key questions we will answer along with many others:

  • How do you know if you have the right pipeline of product enhancements, new products and technology investigations?
  • What are the relationships between idea pipelines, innovation project pipelines and innovation portfolios?
  • Who should own an innovation pipeline and portfolio, and how should decisions be made to manage it?
  • What is the best approach for adding and removing new innovation investigations to your portfolio?
  • How should you consider the past investment into innovation projects on future investments?
  • How can you calculate the long term ROI of a new product enhancement or technology?
  • What is the best way to score and prioritize the business potential of an innovation project across different product lines?



We’ll start with a deeper understanding of the company portfolio of products, brands, markets and technologies and how you must consider goals and strategies in a range of directions to play both offense and defense to keep your company growing.

  • BCG’s four-quadrant new product, new market portfolio and its relevance to innovation portfolios
  • Setting innovation portfolio goals and tracking metrics
  • Case study – Company innovation portfolios over time – What, why, how, who, when

At the core of innovation portfolio management is the periodic review of each innovation effort and deciding whether to continue funding the effort, killing it, or putting it on hold. In this section we’ll look at the best methods and tools for doing this:

  • Your innovation portfolio review team: Who, when and how to review it along with setting decision criteria
  • Estimating project value for various categories of innovation projects from process improvements to new market entries
  • Estimating the longer term DCF for your overall portfolio – Is it good, bad or OK? So what? Now what?
  • Prioritizing innovation projects of different types: Creating apple to apples from pickles to candy bars

After you evaluate your portfolio on a periodic basic, the hard work of making and executing decisions is next. In this section we’ll look at the related tactics and challenges.

  • Killing an innovation project: Team, leader and company ramifications, and best practices
  • Incubating opportunities: How to increase focus by extracting the team from day-to-day chaos
  • Integrating innovation into business operations: The tactics and challenges of successful integration with others who might not have been involved in early decisions
  • Tips for success: As always, we’ll leave you with a set of tips based on our experience with dozens of projects so you can learn from our successes and mistakes

What’s Included

Innovation Toolkit – Each participant receives a detailed toolkit with templates, tools and tips that cover each element of innovation.

The Savvy Corporate Innovator Book – You’ll also receive a digital copy of Dorian Simpson’s highly rated book, The Savvy Corporate Innovator: How to Get Funding for Your Big Idea in 30 Days.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for anyone involved in product development who wants to get the benefits of innovation techniques:

  • Engineering Managers and leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers and Owners
  • Embedded software developers and leads
  • Application Engineers, Test Managers and other support functions
  • Directors and executives


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Program Leaders

Dorian Simpson

Management Consultant

Innovation Management
Product Management
Product Definition and Roadmaps

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Customers Say...

Many useful concepts. The workbook provides an outline that can be applied on the job.

Garth Weber, Mechanical Engineer

Cardinal Health

Excellent course. Concepts were clearly presented - easy to understand. I will recommend to my engineering team.

Chatree Sitalasai, Engineering Supervisor

NMB Technologies

Practical advice for anyone in business or leadership. Exercises were very helpful. Instructor with real experience makes a big difference!

Mel Greenberg, Manager

Portland General Electric

Great information, delivery, and discussions.

Dwaine Gilmer, Escalation Engineer

Microsoft Corp.

Great job of tailoring the basic concepts to the specifics of each attendee.

Mark Johnson, VP of Marketing

Instantiations, Inc.

A '10' in terms of content and presentation. Very interactive and useful right away.

Sushil Nema, Engineer

Triquint Semiconductor

Gary is one of those rare people that combines engineering expertise with exceptional administrative, people, and management skills.

Mike Anderson

Technology Executive

The course content and examples were valuable. Good interaction between the presenter and students. It was well worth the cost and my time away from work!

Paul L. Fernandez, Jr., Sr. Engineer

Mitsubishi Digital

The best part was how to sell an idea to executives. Very useful tips and I can see mistakes I made in the past.

T. Fisher

US Navy

This program opened my eyes to new approaches to manage innovation. Well done and a lot of material in a short time.


Chris Fisher

3D Printing

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