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Scaling MAHD: Managing Large Projects & Portfolios

Scaling Agile for Hardware Workshop
Scaling Agile for Hardware Workshop


Scaling MAHD: Managing Large Projects & Portfolios

Scaling Agile for Hardware Workshop


This program focuses on techniques for going beyond the MAHD Core Framework to manage large projects, product lines and full portfolios. You’ll learn how to break large systems into discrete MAHD projects and how to bring the elements together in the right way at the right time, as well as how to manage multiple MAHD projects simultaneously. Once completed, you’ll have the tools to use MAHD principles and methods across your whole portfolio and organization.

Key questions we will answer:

  • How do roles change and what new roles are needed as you extend the MAHD Framework?
  • How can you apply MAHD methods to portfolio planning and product roadmapping?
  • How do you coordinate multiple MAHD teams to deliver large project success?
  • What do linked Iteration Plans look like and how do you effectively lead cross-project planning?
  • How are backlogs managed for complex projects and portfolios?
  • How is sustaining engineering work managed in the MAHD Framework?
  • What challenges should you expect as you scale MAHD and how can you overcome them?

What You Will Learn

  • Complete MAHD Overview – The key elements needed to extend the MAHD Framework
    • Developing a change management plan and roadmap
    • Implementing the right metrics to drive desired behavior
  • MAHD Team of Teams – Why, when, and how to organize discrete, coordinated teams
  • Leading a Team of Teams – The skills and techniques to deliver large projects
    • The role of the MAHD Program Manager
    • Developing Iteration Plans for large-scale and complex systems projects
    • Finding the right alignment points and strategies for IPAC Iterations
    • Creating, organizing, and managing backlogs for large projects
  • Building the organization roadmap leading to agile success
    • The right approach to rolling out agile methods to the whole company
    • The executives’ roles in guiding agile deployment
    • Staying on track and building a healthy whole-organization agile culture
    • Overcoming challenges and obstacles
  • Q&A – The program is hands-on and interactive, facilitating dialogue to address questions and concerns throughout

What’s Included

Program Materials and Agile Toolkit – Each participant receives complete program materials including a Modified Agile for Hardware Development toolkit with templates, tools and tips.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for business leaders involved in product development who want the speed and efficiency benefits of organizational agility:

  • R&D Executives
  • Product Portfolio Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Engineering Managers and Leaders


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Registration Options

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Program Leaders

Gary Hinkle

Principal Management Consultant

Agile Methods for Hardware Development
Engineering Leadership & Management
Organizational Productivity

Dorian Simpson

Management Consultant

Agile Methods for Hardware Development
Innovation Management
Product Management
Product Definition and Roadmaps

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This program can be offered online or at your company site and can be customized for your needs. Duration is typically 8 to 12 hours depending on implementation needs. Contact us to schedule or discuss your situation.

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