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10 Benefits of
Agile for hardware

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Learn about the Many Benefits of Agile for Hardware over Traditional Waterfall Development

It’s clear now that agile processes are superior to traditional waterfall approaches. Hardware teams can get the same benefits from agile that software teams have discovered, but the methods must be modified for the needs of electronic, mechanical, firmware and other non-software oriented projects.

About MAHD

To make agile more practical for hardware development while still maintaining the advantages of agile, we created the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework. Contact us to learn more about how make agile work for your team.

Some of the advantages of agile for hardware include:

  • Dramatically reduced concept to design (front end) duration
  • Enhanced collaboration within and between teams
  • Increased focus on the product attributes critical for market success
  • Ability to make scope, resource and schedule tradeoffs early in development using iterative cycles
  • Improved transparency of progress, risks and dependencies

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About Us

Auxilium is a leader in developing agile methods that can be used effectively with hardware products and cross-discipline teams.

How to Get Started

Request a Complimentary MAHD Overview

We offer no obligation 45-minute discussions to quickly determine if MAHD is right for you:

  • The key elements of the MAHD Framework
  • How MAHD is unique from Scrum, SAFe and others
  • The best approach to trial Agile
  • How to best manage the transition to a more Agile way

An Overview of the MAHD Framework

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to get the advantages of agile, get started right away and join our series of four, 4-hour live, online workshops. These sessions provide a flexible, practical approach to agile development along with specific tools and templates to quickly manage any project more effectively.

Key Skills You Will Learn

  • Why agile provides clear advantages over traditional product development processes
  • How to kick off an agile project quickly and in the right direction
  • How to write and prioritize effective user stories, develop a focus matrix and build your overall project plan quickly
  • How to develop a cross-discipline backlog, breakdown tasks and define and manage your overall project
  • How to develop sprints, iterations and track efforts
  • How to manage the challenges of schedules, dependencies and shared resources
  • How to remove roadblocks and stay on track


Modified Agile for Hardware Development

What's Different About MAHD?

While the MAHD Framework shares much with agile or Scrum methods, some of the unique attributes include:

  • A system-level focus on writing and using user stories
  • A clear integration with stage-gate or other PD processes
  • The ability to manage schedules, dependencies and hard deadlines

Our Agile for Hardware Learning Series

Foundations of Agile for Hardware Development

A complete overview and toolkit to apply the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) framework to any project that can benefit from a focused kickoff, consistent stakeholder feedback and iterative development cycles.

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