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Improving NPD Performance

Who We Are and What We Do

Auxilium helps product development teams take their capabilities to a new level of performance. With agile principles at the core of what we do, we help organizations go beyond process methods to create performance breakthroughs. Starting with clarity of strategy and priorities at the project, group or enterprise level, we guide leaders to build cultures of focus, commitment, accountability, efficiency and results.

Our consulting team brings decades of experience in R&D leadership, product management, program management and business management to help clients achieve their goals. Common challenges we help overcome:

  • Slow or inefficient NPD processes
  • The need to adapt more quickly to market needs
  • The need to increase new product ROI
  • Developing effective R&D leaders 
  • Hardware & software process mis-alignment

Benefits of Working with Auxilium

With our extensive experience in electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, software development, project management, R&D leadership, and business leadership working with hundreds of companies, our clients benefit from practical guidance especially in areas where we offer unique support:

  • An agile transformation and change management approach proven to be effective for manufacturing companies
  • As founders of the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework, we offer the only agile framework optimized for the development of physical, manufactured products
  • Focus on key roles with an effective, practical approach to R&D leadership development
  • Extensive NPD toolkit for managing projects, portfolios and personal growth 

The best way to learn if we’re a good fit for your needs is to contact us and arrange a discussion about your situation, goals and challenges.

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Our Holistic Approach Considers Four Key Areas

How We Deliver Results

Our services range from foundational skills development to full transformation of NPD processes, culture and tools. We tailor programs to focus on your unique objectives, so we always begin with dialogue to gain understanding of your needs. Our general approach in supporting a new way-of-working is to facilitate new methods and tools starting with one pilot project, coaching your leaders to ensure results.

Service Areas

Agile NPD Transformation

After assessing your situation and working with your team to develop a plan for effectively implementing change, we utilize elements of the MAHD Framework to quickly help your leaders implement methods and tools for immediate benefit.

Agile Project Management

Services range from foundational training, to coaching programs, to facilitating in-depth learning-by-doing, to interim management of project teams. Our project management toolkit has a range of practical tools that help manage the full project lifecycle and across multiple projects.

R&D Leadership Development

Since 2002, Auxilium has delivered practical, hands-on programs for teams and leaders to build new leadership and management skills quickly.  Our practical approach considers the unique challenges on engineering teams and the need for engineers to see a logical path for meeting their leadership development goals. Browse our programs to learn more.

Interim R&D Leadership

Specialists on our team are experienced to serve as immediately effective leaders in challenging situations, helping to quickly increase performance in R&D functions or on specific projects.

Who We Help

We serve product development customers internationally in a breadth of industries, including:

  • Medical Devices
  • Electronic Devices and Components
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Communications and Computing
  • Consumer Products
  • Software Applications
  • Transportation

Though all organizations have unique challenges, what they have in common is their desire to develop profitable new products faster and more efficiently. Our holistic approach helps identify priorities that yield near-term benefit, with a roadmap for implementing sustainable change and ongoing progress.

With So Many Choices, Why Auxilium?

Five Reasons...

Practical, Proven Tools and Methods

Every method and tool we provide, with either a training or consulting program, has been proven in real-world projects.

Live, Experienced Consultants

You'll work directly with senior consultants who have over 20 years of R&D experience. No inexperienced trainers or fresh MBA's.

Cost Effective

As a virtual team with low overhead, you'll get the experience of a tier one consultancy group at a fraction of typical fees.

Concise, Comprehensive Programs

We focus every training or consulting program on the essential skills and implementation to get immediate results.

A Passion for Results

We understand the risk and expense of getting outside help. Our goal is to ensure you get the results you need.

Contact us to schedule a complimentary discussion of your situation.