Why Coaching?

We help product development leaders to be more effective by coaching them through real-world challenges. Because leadership is complex with an enormous range of abilities and unique problems, coaching is generally a better way to develop leaders than a training solution. Leading in an agile environment presents additional challenges due to general lack of agile proficiency on teams developing physical products.

A coaching approach can help to achieve results quickly. Each coaching session is focused on specific challenges, resulting in agreed-upon solutions that can be implemented right away. For challenges requiring significant time and effort, our coaches help to develop plans that serve as a guide toward achieving success. Often a long-term leadership development plan is a key coaching objective. The relationship established with a coach can be valuable as an ongoing resource.

Who Should Consider Coaching?

One-on-one coaching is a good approach for:

  • Product development leaders facing major challenges
  • Leaders who need results quickly
  • Key leaders new in their roles
  • Leaders who prefer 1-on-1 interaction



Our agile leadership coaches are senior executives with a minimum of two decades of experience in product development leadership roles, serving in a variety of challenging environments. We are dedicated to helping organizations optimize product development, and with that focus we offer a broad and deep perspective about product development challenges. Two of our principal consultants are global leaders in refining agile methods for hardware-based systems as founders of the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) framework.

Coaching Options

Online leadership coaching can be arranged with an available coach in 4-hour increments or monthly retainer. A 4-hour increment is face-to-face time which can be scheduled as a series of 30-minute or 1-hour sessions. Preparation and follow-up is included in the fees. Monthly retainer arrangements are more flexible in terms of hours and scheduling.

How can we support your agile challenges?