Technical Leadership Training

and Coaching Programs

With engineering being an innovative profession, new ideas are constantly needed. Often requiring stakeholder buy-in to implement, it can be challenging for engineers to influence decision-makers to gain support. Project leaders face additional challenges of managing the work and effectively leading their teams. With the technical problems often being so demanding, it’s difficult for engineers to also develop the leadership ability needed for success. An efficient, practical approach to leadership development designed for engineering professionals can make it much easier.

Our Leadership for Engineers program was developed by our founder, Gary Hinkle, based on his journey as an engineering leader and leadership concepts that resonated as he studied leadership and management. He started Auxilium with a passion for helping engineers navigate the complex topic of leadership in an efficient, user-friendly way. Our approach has been refined working with many organizations and individuals for over 20 years.

Benefits of our Leadership for Engineers Program

Online or Onsite

Depending on your preference and budget, training can be facilitated online or at your facility. Typical program delivery is online, scheduled as a half-day session with pre-work and post-work. Onsite workshops are one or two full days, depending on learning objectives. Small groups of 12 people or fewer are preferred for online sessions, and 25 or fewer for onsite facilitation.

Experienced Trainers & Facilitators

All programs are facilitated by Auxilium certified trainers with real-world product development engineering experience. The effectiveness of our approach requires trainers to be skilled facilitators to ensure each participant exits the program with a development plan aligned with your business objectives.

Coaching Options

Online coaching can be arranged for individuals upon completion of a training program, or the training can be facilitated 1-on-1 as a series of 1-hour combined training/coaching sessions.

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