1-Hour Agile Product Development Overview


This brief session gives an executive overview of agile principles and methods as applied to the development of physical, manufactured products. The vast majority of agile knowledge and implementation is either applied specifically to software development or applied to other types of projects using similar methods that work for software, but often yielding poor results. A hybrid approach is needed for successful hardware-based product development, blending adequate sequential planning while also enabling agility for efficiently adapting to new information.

With infinite approaches that could be used to blend sequential and agile methods, it can be challenging to determine the best tactics for optimizing speed, product quality, efficiency and resources. In this session we focus on agile principles that can enable that optimization when understood and applied with intent toward achievable goals. We also give an overview of various agile and sequential frameworks, emphasizing the key elements needed for an effective hybrid approach.

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Session Topics

This agenda can be customized to address the specific concerns of your leadership team:

  • Agile principles relevant to physical, manufactured products
  • Overview of agile frameworks and shortcomings as applied to physical product development
  • Overview of sequential frameworks and shortcomings
  • Key framework elements needed for an effective hybrid approach

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