Consumer Audio:
A Case Study of Success

The Situation

  • Interim product development leadership needed due to a vacancy at the VP level
  • Several years of ineffective product development leadership resulted in product quality issues and a large backlog of unfinished products
  • Financial need to launch new products quickly

The Solution

  • Prioritize the portfolio of unfinished products and products that needed enhancements
  • Direct engineering and product management focus on priorities
  • Lead definition of new key new product concepts
  • Assist with recruiting of new leadership team
  • Implement processes that enable faster development while ensuring product quality

The Results

  • Launched more new products in six months than in previous three years with fewer resources
  • 2x monthly revenue resulting from new product launches
  • >30% product development cost reduction with greater ongoing capability
  • Increased product development team skills and morale

Words from The Client

“Auxilium’s consultants helped us to prioritize our product portfolio and facilitated product releases more quickly than we imagined.”


Vice President, Sales and Marketing