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About Gary Hinkle

Gary Hinkle is the founder and principal consultant at Auxilium, an Oregon-based firm that since 2002 helps companies increase product development performance.

Gary started Auxilium with a passion for helping engineers navigate the complex topic of leadership in an efficient, user-friendly way. He developed Auxilium’s Leadership for Engineers program, based on his journey as an engineering leader and concepts that resonated as he studied leadership and management. This leadership development approach has been refined working with many organizations and individuals for over 20 years.

SInce 1986, Gary has been involved in manufactured product development, and in 2014 he began to question why agile principles and methods weren’t being applied much beyond software development. He then led an initiative to create the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework. Gary has since been focused on helping companies optimize their product development practices, which often involves agile principles and methods as a key aspect for consistently better outcomes.

Gary is an in-demand consultant, trainer and speaker with a reputation for simplifying complex concepts and situations. This helps clients to quickly implement new practices and gain immediate benefit. In his down time he enjoys playing guitar, writing music, gardening, and writing for a variety of engineering and product development news sources.

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