Engineering Project Management Workshops


Our project management workshops are typically scheduled for small groups within the same company as a series of 2-hour online sessions with a workshop leader who has an extensive engineering leadership background. Workshop duration can range from just four hours with pre-work and post-work to learn fundamentals, to a total of 16 or more hours for comprehensive learning. In-person sessions can be arranged for up to 25 participants, ranging from one-to-three days depending on content.

A key aspect of our project management workshops is a facilitated action plan, where each participant concludes with a draft plan for achieving business goals. A series of exercises aids in determining priorities.

Real-world product development examples and case studies are used extensively to reinforce key learning points. Since 2002, thousands of engineering leaders have benefitted from our workshops, with a general appreciation of the real-world examples, experienced instructors, and the practical approach centered around facilitating plans that are immediately actionable.

Learning Objectives

The primary desired outcomes for participants are:

  • Understanding of practical project management approaches based on situation
  • Consistent, adequately comprehensive project planning
  • Increase the accuracy of project estimates
  • Consistently keep projects on track
  • Effective use of management tools
  • Thorough identification and reduction of project risks
  • Improve communication to serve stakeholder interests
  • Complete projects faster and more efficiently
  • Team member ownership of ongoing improvements

Workshop Topics

The following outline is an example of topics often covered:

  • Fundamental project management concepts

  • Key best practices and why they matter
  • Comprehensive project planning using templates
  • Project lifecycle models, including agile models
  • Project estimation methods
  • Requirements Breakdown Structure (RBS)
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Project scheduling methods and tools
  • Critical path and slack time
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder relationships and communication
  • Project metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Tools and Templates

Examples of templates and tools that can be provided:

  • Comprehensive project planning template
  • Project plan sizing template
  • WBS template
  • Master risk register template
  • Stakeholder planning tool
  • Areas of focus template
  • Iteration planning template
  • Quick-start project planning guide

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